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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

 The Christmas season kicked off for us with Jalen's first school concert on December 5th. Only problem is that (in addition to me forgetting the camera, oops!) Jalen was buried behind a few other boys who were all as tall as him. We caught glimpses here & there of him but never a clear enough look to get a picture on Mark's phone. So the pictures will start with the Ward Christmas Party and my handsome shepherd and ADORABLE little sheep.

Jalen the Shepherd

Lizzie the Sheep

Kate isn't in Primary yet so she "helped" Mark take pictures of the big kids.
We almost had the same problem with documenting Elizabeth's first school concert that we had with Jalen's. I remembered the camera this time (it was on 12/19 so with Abby being here my brain was working a bit better!) but she was behind a ton of other little girls, all nearly her same height! Thankfully the younger kids are more fidgety so we got more chances to see Liz and capture her cuteness.
Liz at the concert

another of Lizzie at her concert
I'm not sure why Lizzie looks so annoyed in this picture but I think it is a cute picture of her anyway!
Our next Christmas adventure was Jalen opening his gifts. Since he was traveling to Montana to spend Christmas Day with his dad & stepmom we opened presents the day before he left.
Jalen "thanking" his sisters for the gift they got him.
Katy and Liz opening stockings

Katy, all dressed for church (and, apparently, really ticked off)

No more naked Barbies at my house!

Mike is now a part owner of the Green Bay Packers

Grandpa Chip got a REALLY cool coffee maker (he was more excited than he looks!)

Santa knew Lizzie really wanted a nutcracker for Christmas

Lizzie got a handmade Cabbage Patch doll (that used to be Aunt Sarah's when she was little)

Katy got one too (and loved on her LOTS!)

Santa (or was it Mark?) knew I really wanted a new crock pot.

Abby got a playmat/baby gym~she likes it for about 10 minutes at a time.
Mommy & Abby saying "good-night" after a wonderful Christmas day.

2011 in Pictures~Part One

Here are some pictures of things we did this from around September on. I'll post the earlier part of the year as soon as I get a chance.
Ready for the Primary Program

Katy got a new friend

Katy LOVED the bounce house at the GoDaddy picnic

Look at that smile!

Jay & Liz on the inflatable obstacle course

Jay, sliding at the end

Liz made it to the end too!

Jay, jumping like a spider monkey

Jay loved the climbing part

"I'm triumphant!"

Liz liked the bounce house too

sisters, playing together

Jay turned 10 and got his Webelos colors

and a new neckerchief to wear with his uniform

Mark & my bedroom got a makeover!

Liz & Jay go to a uniform school this year (and Liz ROCKS the uniform)

We added a new family member~this is 2.5 hours before she joined us!

And here she is!

Abigail Jane 9lbs 15oz and 21.5 in~born 12/08/11 at 8 a.m.

Jay meeting Abby

Lizzie meeting Abby

Kate meeting Abby

I have THREE daughters!!!

another shot of my sweet Abigail Jane

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just some fun pictures from the last few months

I have been TERRIBLE about updating over the last few months but here are some fun (or maybe not so fun but I like them!) pictures of some stuff we've done since last November (when I last updated!)
trick or treating at Aunt Sarah's house Halloween '10

my 2 fairy princesses & Anakin Skywalker

one of only a few pictures showcasing my red hair with bangs look ;-)

it was crazy hair day. think this look qualifies?

Lizzie LOVES making crafts & this one was her FIRST!

and a front view of her handiwork

Kate got to place the angel last year~now all 3 kids have done it!

Mark & the kids showing off their decorating skills

Me & my BFF Stephanie~her planning made my 30th birthday something I actually WANTED to celebrate!

My handsome hubby & me, enjoying my birthday dinner.

And there you have it. I probably have a few more pictures stashed safely away on the memory disk of my new camera & as soon as I get motivated enough to get them on the computer I promise I'll share them!
For what it's worth, the kids are all healthy & growing like MAD, Mark is doing an amazing job providing for our family (he recently got his, I don't know, 10th-or something like that- promotion & raise) and is LOVING being the cubmaster of Jalen's pack. I'm still working on being a mom (seriously, what a work in progress!) and being a homemaker (another MAJOR work in progress!) and learning how to balance everything that goes along with those 2 most important jobs. We love & miss all of our family and friends we don't get to see regularly (or at all!) and want everyone to know that Arizona has an open door policy so PLEASE come visit! We may not have 5 star accommodations but we love house guests (my mom is a frequent overnighter) and our pool and new infrared grill are DYING to be shown off.